Crossmedial campaign 'Bremen bringts'

During my studies, I took part in a project in collaboration with Airbus Bremen. The task was to develop solutions to present the accomplishments and potential of Airbus Bremen. Early on, the idea was born to build a campaign, that smoothly combines a digital experience with print products. This idea turned into the "AR-Campaign". This campaign with the motto "Bremen bringt's" (eng.: Bremen is bringing it) tells a brand story, that guides the users along the 4 steps into space: the Airbus A350, the Ariane rocket, the ISS and the spaceship Orion. This modular concept is expandable by endless further steps. For each step, we designed a custom animation as well as an AR-poster. Once the user scans the poster, the animation plays and the poster thus comes to life in augmented reality. After the animation, the user is directed towards a website, which we developed, that combines all the steps into one interactive experience. This creates a crossmedia experience lifecycle with touchpoints in print, in the digital world and in real life with the option to visit Airbus Bremen.

This project was created in collaboration with Max M. Schneider and Jonas Kuske.

– August 2018